We are Recruiting for U-tec Beta Group(Long Term Effective) ✳

We are recruiting long-term beta testing users for all kinds of future testing program.

When a new testing is beginning, only this beta group will receive invitations from U-tec. We will select qualified and available testers from this group for a specific testing and testing samples will be always free for all group members.

Please fill out this application form to join in the beta group. (You need to log in community with your U-tec account for submitting the application)

There will be a new smart product beta testing coming, and we will send invitations to this beta group only.

For those who have been consistently active in testing program, we will invite them to be the first ones of U-tec Fans Club with unprecedent privilege.

awesome!! i hope i get selected!

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Me too! Sounds awesome.

I did participated in beta testing in the past. I was waiting for another opportunity for long time. Glad that I was able to apply. Hopping to get a chance again.

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This sounds awesome. I was not part of past beta testing but would love to be a part of this go-round.

Submitted application. Thank you for the opportunity. I have 4 of your products and have been very happy with them.

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Awesome! I went ahead and submitted my application. Love you’re products and can’t wait to hear back. Thanks for the opportunity!

Submitted an application as well! Hopefully my background in mechanical and manufacturing engineering can be of benefit, I quite enjoy testing technology and automated my life.

Thanks for the announcement. Put in my application today.

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Awesome idea, hope i get selected

This is a cool opportunity. Would be cool to be accepted :slight_smile:

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I really like their locks especially the fingerprint technology.
I would love to join the beta testing team.

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This is awesome! Would be fun to be a part of bringing these new products to market.

Didn’t previously know you had a beta test program or online community. Thanks for the email to let me know.
Hope to be selected – sounds like a great deal of fun.

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Just submitted. Hope I get selected!

Sign me up!! I would loved being a tester.

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This is great! Hope I can become a Beta tester

I just applied and hope to be selected!

Fingers crossed I get selected as a U-Tec beta tester! Great products!

Just applied! Hoping to get selected :crossed_fingers:t3: ! Making products I love better is the world I want to live in.