Unable to add passcode to a user or delete/disable temporary users

I have a U-bolt-Pro-Wifi lock and for about 3 months. I’ve been able to add/delete temporary users and assign a code for them to enter the property. But just recently, the app just spins or times out when I try to delete or disable a temporary user (or any user). It also does the same thing when I try to add a new user. It is not operating at all for me to use this function.

Has this happened to anybody else or any ideas to fix? I’ve tried signing out of app, deleting and redownloading the app. Anything else?

I have the same issue with a new install and latest firmware. I can load finger print access but none of the keypad codes I’ve added, deleted and added work for myself or the two other accounts. I’ve deleted the app as well and reinstalled everything from a digital perspective and nothing.

I tried taking the batteries out of the deadbolt for 5 minutes and then put them back in. It miraculously fixed the issue. I have now been able to add passcodes and delete old temporary users that do not need access anymore. Thank goodness! Good luck with yours. Try the battery idea, try replacing, or try a hard reset. Use this link (it’s a u-tec link) if you need to know how to do this:

Hard Reset

I have tried this, deleted app, reinstalled, taken out temporary users, still not able to set up a key code.