Cannot use Temporary User feature

Hello ,
I am desperately looking for help.
I own a brand-new U-Bolt lock (no fingerprint). I installed the lock, downloaded the app and set up everything. App: newest version, U-Bolt: latest firmware.
After trying with a bridge and it didn’t work, I deleted everything, installed from scratch. Connected to U-Bolt via bluetooth only, 1ft apart from the lock. Logged into my account.
Now, the weird thing is: I can create a normal user. No problem. House is accessible with these credentials. But… it won’t let me in when I create a temporary user. No matter what I try.

The app log shows an entry with a “-” instead of a name. When I open the door with the normal user, that name appears in the log. So it seems, the app does not even transfer the temporary user’s credentials to the lock.
Also, when I create a temporary user and use the schedule (grant access for let’s say one week), after reopening the dialogue for the schedule all entries are gone (which in my opinion should be stored, shouldn’t it)?
I already contacted the support. They sent me a new bolt. Same issue. By eliminating the bridge as a source of error it seems the app itself has issues. Phone used: iPhone 12.
Anyone here that could help me? Every suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Hans,

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. This is not what we want our customers to experience.

A ticket has been created for this issue. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply.

Thanks for your understanding.

I have the same issue. Can you help?

I am also having this issue. Can I be contacted for help?

Actually, I still have the same issue and it could not be resolved until today. Meanwhile, I have a different iPhone (newer model), changed the U-Bolt the support kindly sent to me, tried several things but nothing worked. It’s very disappointing since I want to rent out this house and need the feature of a temporary user. Being abroad for a while, I am now back and still struggling with the issues above.