Ultraloq U-Bot Pro Wifi cylinder has non-standard pin spacing

After having little success in re-keying myself, I took the cylinders to several locksmiths. All of them said the cylinders may have a Schlage Type C keyway, but the bitting does not match the specification for a Type C. U-Tec is either using a proprietary spacing or is using a supplier that is using an incorrect specification.

After being told this, I confirmed this myself with a set of calipers and comparing the spacing of the holes on the Ultraloq plug compared to a genuine Schlage Type C plug. The difference at the 5th pin has accumulated to a couple millimeters.

One locksmith did mention they can re-key using half-pins, but strongly recommends against that. Their suggestion was to find a lock that actually uses a cylinder that matches the specs for a Schlage Type C keyway.

Has anyone had any success in finding a replacement cylinder? None of the locksmiths I visited had anything that would fit without substantial modification.

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I’ve discovered similarly too. The pins 1-5 center-to-center seems to be about 14mm while standard Schlage cylinders seem to be about 15.5mm. Additionally Ultraloq’s cylinder is slimmer by about 0.5mm which makes Schlage cylinders large enough to not fit.

I wish I knew this before buying into the Ultraloq ecosystem and I’d hope U-tec makes this more obvious.

I found this which indicates a Prime Line E 2103 cylinder may fit which I may try next: Ultraloq Smart Lock? - Z-Wave - Series 700 - Universal Devices Forum

Additionally, it might be good to watch out for the locking pin placement with regards to the driver/cam/bar: Reddit - Dive into anything

Just wanted to update that I’ve confirmed that the Prime Line E 2103 does fit and I was able to successfully use and re-key the new cylinder to match another Schlage lock and fit it into my Ultraloq lock.

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thanks for confirming! Did you happen to use any longer pins, like #6-#9? I saw a few reviews that mentioned the E2103 is Schlage pacing, but the tolerances are such that longer pins bind or otherwise have problems.

I did reach out to support with a couple of pictures. They said they are reviewing the pictures and I’m waiting to hear back.

New U-Bolt Pro Wifi user here, installed yesterday. I had previously (a few weeks ago) taken it to a locksmith to be re-keyed to my longtime Schlage keys; he had zero problems with it, and my keys work fine.

Yeah my last pin is in that range