Can't replace cylinder lock with Schlage because of tailpiece

I bought two U-Bolts to replace Schlage deadbolts and am finding that the Schlage cylinders, while they physically fit, have their tailpieces at an angle such that they don’t completely close (or retract) the bolt properly. The tailpiece of the U-Bolt cylinder is perfectly straight up & down, or flat left-to-right, unlike the Schlage. Is there an easy solution to make the Schlage cylinders work in the U-Bolt?

We have submitted a ticket for you. Our customer service will help you solve the problem.

Was this solved? I have the same issue, it seems all Schlage deadbolts have their tailpieces at a 45 degree angle.

Hi Mike, after a long back-forth with CS, this is what they said to me:
“We are sorry that other cylinders are not suitable for our locks. Please use the original cylinder.”

I found-out the hard way, after replacing the cylinder, that it didn’t work because of the 45deg angle i.e. the handle and motor don’t throw the bolt far enough to work. I suppose a locksmith might figure-out how to fix it but maybe not.

I considered replacing the bolt mechanism using the Schlage’s but I don’t think that will work either as it has a tighter spring i.e. the motor wouldn’t be strong enough to activate it.

If you figure something out, by all means post. I’m disappointed since I bought these on the strength of apparently outdated info that I could use my Schlage cylinders & thus keys.

Thanks for the reply and info. I’m disappointed too even though I got the lock for free as someone was replacing theirs and I welcomed the opportunity to test the product and app without anything at stake. U-tec seems like they have a pretty good product line but it’s a pretty significant product oversight not to support a major lock maker.

Anyway, I went to the local Ace Hardware and found a $10 deadbolt latch with the correct tailpiece orientation, and was able to install the lock without any physical issue. Now testing it to see how it works.

The only $10 bolt I see on acehardware dot com is a Kwikset; the Schlage is $16. In any case if it works for you by all means post a link or pic(s) to the solution Mike. Thanks.

I used this, a “Universal Deadbolt Latch”, Ace branded. I guess on the site it’s $8.99 and our local stored charged an extra $1.00.

As I look at that bolt, it seems it has a 0deg–90deg receiver and not 45-angled. Is it adjustable somehow?

Maybe we have misunderstood each other and you are simply trying to use your gifted U-bolt with your existing Schlage deadbolt latch. I in turn am trying to replace the cylinder that comes with the U-bolt with the Schlage cylinder that I used previously, in order to keep the same key as my Schlage(s) for use in the U-bolt(s) of which I have two, with the idea of getting a third.

But I won’t get the third replacement if I have to use different U-tec keys with every one of them!

Yes we are probably chasing different issues. I guess I would also like to reuse our Schlage cylinder but could not even install the U-Bolt at all because of the tailpiece angle of the deadbolt latch.