Making Key copies

Lock should list the brands and Key numbers that can be used to make copies. I’ve tried making multiple copies of key and they either fit but don’t turn or they are to thick to fit into the key slot. It should be easier to make copies at your local hardware store instead of paying higher prices to a locksmith.

I think maybe the keyway is to blame. I’ve noticed too that KW1 keys are too thick, and don’t turn the cylinder very well too.

That may be. Still, it would be nice if we new key brands and key #s to make copies easier.

At first, these locks were advertised as having Schlage keyways. Speaking to customer service, apparently, some previously came with Schlage, and now they are Kwikset. I rekeyed my U-Tec locks to match the KW1 keys I use, but it’s really finicky trying to lock and unlock with store bought KW1 keys.

Does anyone have a model number to replace the cylinder by chance???

Is there any information on what to tell a locksmith? I can barely find locksmith storefronts in Brooklyn NY anymore and the mobile ones dont make copies. I need 3 copies this is unfortunate. Home Depot and my local hardware both tried and the keys didnt fit or didnt turn.

Thanks for that info about the key actually being Kwikset - my local hardware store made a Schlage key and it totally did not fit. I also used the self serve key cutting machine at Home Depot and it definitely spit out a KW key. It fit but I thought did not turn, however with a little force, it both locks and unlocks my Ubolt Pro Wifi.

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I too had problems re-keying my Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro deadbolts (I have two in my house.) I did some research and contacted U-Tec support and was told that they are Schlage 5-pin C type keyway compatible cylinders. There is a good article about this on the U-Tec support page.

U-Bolt Series Cylinder Lock

In actuality, I gather that this Schlage cylinder is extremely common because it is pretty old and the patent ran out on it such that anyone can make the cylinder now. Lots of reprutible brands (like Baldwin) make “knock-off” cylinders of the same type. It’s not guaranteed, but usually, now a days, when someone says “i’ve got a Schlage lock,” they mean that they have this Schlage 5-pin C keyway compatible cylinder in their lock, and you can rekey all those locks alike. The alternative is Kwikset cylinders. I’m less familiar with those, but what I can tell you is that Schlage cylinders and Kwikset cylinders are like oil and water. They will never mix.

In my case, I thought I would be cleaver and I bought a Schlage 5-pin C keyway rekey kit from Home Depot for cheap and tried to rekey the U-Bolts myself. I ultimately broke them in the process and had to go to a locksmith to save myself. So, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you do not do as I do. Go to a qualified locksmith.

Ultimately, I ended up carefully replacing all the locks and/or lock cylinders in my home with Schlage (I tried to confirm the 5-pin C keyway part, but that’s often not possible) and I then called the locksmith who saved me in my DIY rekey adventure to come to our house and rekey everything. They were successful but they mentioned that “the U-Bolts are tricky” and they had issues with “pin jumping” (whatever that means.)

So, to summarize, from someone who was successful in rekeying everything (and then getting keys duplicated easily) who has Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro deadbolts purchased just recently (in March 2022.)

  • You must make sure everything you’re trying to re-key with the U-Tec locks are Schlage locks. Specifically, Schlage 5-pin C keyway lock cylinders. Kwikset locks WILL NOT WORK. But many vendors (other than Kwikset themselves) let you replace, or pick, the lock cylinder to be Schlage or Kwikset (for example, our Andersen storm doors had replacement cylinders available that were Schlage, and Baldwin uses both Kwikset and Schlage and will tell you which they use in any given lock.)
  • Don’t try a DIY rekey solution. It won’t work. I think it’s safe to say that these cylinders from U-Tec are Schlage, but they’re a finicky “knockoff” and need a professional’s touch. And remember, knockoff isn’t derogatory. Everyone does it. But it means that quality will vary between vendors.

Whatever the situation, it’s rather frustrating. My locks purchased early this year definitely use Kwikset keys. KW1 and Schlage C key shapes are completely different and won’t fit in each other’s keyway, so I know mine are KW1 keys. As I said earlier in this thread, the store-bought KW1 keys are thicker than the keys that came with the lock, and are tough to put into the U-Tec keyway, and turning it is finicky. I rekeyed my locks to match the rest of the house myself, and it could be because of this, but the keys don’t turn very easily.

I must’ve lucked out with the cylinder that came in mine. I used a self-serve kiosk at Home Depot and got a key that actually works. Just for the heck of it I tried a machine at a Kroger and it kept thinking it was a car key!