Master Key to manage multiple locks

The ability to change out the cylinder for a master key would make these so much more useful. We have group homes for people with disabilities, to be able to use your locks would be amazing. Unfortunately we need to be able to use a master key. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure you can change the cylinder - and even have it re-keyed with a master key. Just takes a locksmith to do if you are unfamiliar with how these work.

I just ordered a Schlage rekeying kit from Amazon and rekeyed all of my locks to the same key. Takes a little patience, but not difficult. Or you can pay a locksmith do do it for you

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We tried that, and the locksmith said they cannot do it. So you were able to rekey the cylinders to a master key? Or a new key specific to the lock?

@Laurie What I did was to rekey the additional locks to match the key of the first lock. So all of the locks are opened by the same key. You don’t have unique keys, plus one master that opens them all. All keys are identical for all locks

Thanks! I am hoping to find a locksmith that will be able to do it.

I replaced the original lock core with a Schlage 6pin core. Works fine. No issues. The original core is a 5pin, so there’s a bracket that holds it in. With the 6pin core the bracket is not needed. It’s now on my master key system.

So you can take the cylinder out and replace it? with the UL3 lever?

With the Latch series, the cylinder appears to be priority, and not able to be rekeyed. The deadbolts on the other hand have removable cylinders, and are able to be rekeyed. I’m very disappointed, as I have 10 latch models, and figuring out what key goes where is a huge pain, and I’d prefer to have them on my master key system

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