Video of how to change the lock core

There was a video recently from (name redacted) a popular YouTuber with 4 million followers that showed how the u-tech deadbolt can be picked in about 15 seconds with a wave rake if you have the default lock core. I understand that the core can be swapped in these locks and I would like to suggest that you create an instructional video for replacing the core along with links to the parts. While I’m not a lock-picking hobbyist, my understanding is this particular bypass is fairly trivial.

Does anyone have a replacement model number?

Yeah. I just saw that video from the legal professional who opens locks without keys. Considering the $200 I spent on my lock I was instantly crushed and angry. This lock provides absolutely no security. At best it’s a turns-dial identifying access. Not controlling it. I think this “upgrade” should be provided free of charge like a recall on defective equipment. I want an answer Ultraloq !!

If you’re worried about someone picking your lock to get into your home, you should probably brick over all your windows too. If someone wants to get into your home, they will. Just because a locksmith says this lock is relatively easier to pick than some others does not mean you need to replace the cylinder.

You should look at the video in question before falling back to the “nothing is safe” security trope, which you can say about anything. I mean, you can kick down a door but that doesn’t add anything smart to a conversation about lock cores. There’s a differene between something that can be opened in 15 seconds with no prior lock-picking experience.

Anyways, the original point of this thread is not this… the comment was that the core is changeable by design and if there was a video of how to do that and some links to other cores or what sort of core is compatible, it would be helpful. The U-Tech employees have been silent on this thread, regrettably. Arguably, as a side point, the product really should be rev’d in the future to default to a better core as that’s probably a low-cost answer.

For anybody else that is interested in this, U-tec has posted a video on how to change the lock cylinder (i.e. lock core) here:

This is also in the comments: “U-tec has said it’s a Schlage Type C cylinder. So you could get any compatible cylinder, or just the tailpiece. One such supplier is GMS – look at their K001 cylinder and the tailpieces they sell as accessories.”

Hope that helps.

Oh good. I don’t know if those cores solve the wave rake issue but if it does it’s fantastic…