New Combo Lock Request

U-tec, why don’t you build something like the Ultraloq Combo, but with the features required to actually be used as an exterior front door complete locking solution. Most U.S. home front doors have a separate locking handle and deadbolt. The closest you come to this is your Ultraloq Combo, but it doesn’t have a keypad, so is not very useful. If you were to combine a U-bolt WiFi Pro and the fingerprint reading handle, you’d have a winning combination that would actually serve the needs of your customers. As-is, with the Lever, new Latch series or the older UL3, you are asking us to give up our deadbolts, due to the size of the body of the lock extending just into the zone of the deadbolt area. This means having an exterior door without the safety of a long/strong deadbolt latch… which no one wants! I’ve been using U-tec locks for several years now and would have thought you would have already brought this obvious solution to market by now… what gives? How do you guys not understand the need for this??? Pretty simple… modify the U-bolt Wifi Pro to work with the fingerprint reading handle. In this manner I can unlock both the door handle and the deadbolt with either my fingerprint or by entering a code into the deadbolt keypad. No one trusts a smartlock with only a fingerprint reader (without any sort of keypad for code entry) to utilize as their front door locking solution. This is the problem with the current Ultraloq Combo as a front door locking solution. If my fingertips are soiled or my skin is all flacky from hard work, the fingerprint reader probably won’t work. Then I’m out of luck if I don’t happend to have my phone to try and open the door. I’m actually pretty surprised that you guys haven’t already figured this out and offered a proper front door handle/deadbolt locking solution with both keypad AND fingerprint reader.