Benefits of a Two-Point Smart Deadbolt

You should be thinking about adding a two-point layer of security to your door, and we have the solution for you, Ultraloq Combo.

Some of our main entrances are one-point locks, an easy task for unwelcomed guests. Ultraloq Combo is a revolutionary smart lock; this means you will be able to enter your house with your fingerprint, a contactless key fob or your smartphone, with the most important feature, adding another layer of security.

You will have a two-point locking system, one on the deadbolt and one on the handle that will make it almost impossible to break or pick. You can rest knowing that the safety of your family and valuables, will never be compromised.

Keyless, that is one of the main differences of Ultraloq Combo against a standard two-point lock. With a regular one, you need a key to open the handle and deadbolt, and sometimes you even need one for each one! with Ultraloq Combo you will forget about that.

Your fingerprint is your key, and it has a fingerprint sensor thoughtfully positioned on the handle to accompany your natural hand positions. With our patented technology, one seamless action allows you to wake the sensor, read your fingerprint, and unlock two locks.

If you use a smartphone or key fob, which by the way are perfect for kids, it works in the same way! Once you present it in the vicinity of the handle, the door will instantly unlock.

Ultraloq Combo is suitable for your house, your office or any sensitive door. With the benefits a conventional two-point door lock offers, plus all the advantages of being smart, Ultraloq Combo is your way to go.

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