Introducing Ultraloq Lever

Ultraloq Lever is the most secure, and the most versatile smart door handle with keyless & phoneless entry ever created.

Ultraloq Lever is the ultimate keyless lever with 4-in-1 keyless entry, you will be able to open your door with:

  • Smartphone
  • Fingerprint
  • Code
  • Mechanical Key

Ultraloq Lever comes with a 2nd Gen fingerprint sensor. Instant recognition under 0.3 seconds, and improved performance in cold weather areas when the finger is dry, and other scanners fail. It is built to work with your phone, you can get smart notifications when someone unlocks your door. Share temporary access and monitor from anywhere in the world, this with the Ultraloq Bridge.

If your Ultraloq Lever ran out of batteries you have the option to use the mechanical key or connect a power bank to the micro-USB port.

Ultraloq Lever is designed to fit any US standard interior and exterior door with a single door prep. The simple installation takes minutes and only four screws. No wiring and no drilling.

Pre Order now on Indiegogo and learn everything about Ultraloq Lever by clicking Here.