Ultraloq Smart Lock Now Works with Alexa

We are proud to announce that now you can use Alexa voice command to control your Ultraloq UL1, Combo and UL3 BT Smart Lock on any Alexa-enalbed device!

U-tec Smart Home Skill allows you to:
-lock your door (for Combo)
-unlock your door with a voice code* (for UL1, Combo and UL3 BT)

*To set your 4-digit code in the Alexa app, go to the Smart Home section, select your Ultraloq Smart Lock, and enable the ‘Unlock by voice’ and ‘4-digit voice code’ settings

Connecting Your Ultraloq Products to Alexa
Find information about connecting Smart Home devices at Amazon.com Help

Required Ultraloq Products
-To control an Ultraloq Smart Lock with Alexa, you’ll need the Ultraloq Smart Lock UL1, Combo or UL3 BT and Ultraloq Bridge to connect the lock to Wi-Fi


Additional Support
For additional help, please visit https://www.u-tec.com/support or email developer@u-tec.com