No keys, just your voice

In Ultraloq, we work every day to make your life easier and safer, that’s why we bring you one more feature that will let you have complete control of your house. Now, you will be able to secure your home with hands-free help from the Google Assistant. Remember, it’s all about you.

With the help of Ultraloq Bridge, you can connect your Ultraloq Smart Lock with your Google Assistant device and, you will be able to unlock, lock and, check the status of your lock using just your voice!

Here are the commands you will be able to use:*

Hey Google, lock my door

Hey Google, unlock my door

Hey Google, lock all my doors

Hey Google, is the door unlocked?

Hey Google, is the door locked?

To check more information about the Google Assistant setup and the lock’s command compatibility please check the table below.

Remember, if you have different Ultraloq Smart Locks you should name them, Ex. Front Door, Garage Door, Back Door, this way The Google Assistant will be able to differentiate one from another and complete the task.

Here is how you should set up the Google Assistant with your Ultraloq:

Open the Google Assistant App → Tap your User logo → Tap Assistant → Tap Home Control → Tap + and search for U-tec → Log in to your U-tec account → Tap Authorize → Set a Security Code and Tap Set → Tap Back → You’re Done

  • With the Unlock command you have the option to create a code once you set up the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant will ask for it every time you want to unlock the lock. We STRONGLY suggest adding it, this way only the person who knows the code will be able to use it and unlock the lock.

Sequences shortened and simulated

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