Google Assistant feature no longer works

One day I was unable to unlock my door by voice command. I waited months for a firmware update. When it came along I installed and saw no change. I unlinked u-tec from my Google Home app and then reconnected it with no change. Anyone knows what is going on or have a solution.

My hardware setup:
Ultraloq U-Bolt with Bridge
Android 12 OS on a Samsung S20 Ultra


Thank you for contacting us.

I have updated your bridge firmware, could you check if the lock works better with Google?

@Chicago_Mint did the firmware update fix your issue?

I’m having the same issue, although with U-Bolt Pro WiFi. Previously, I was able to lock/unlock the door through Google Home/Assistant. For weeks and possibly months, the lock shows up as Offline in Google Home (and is unresponsive via Google Assistant). I’ve also unlinked U-tec Smart Home and relinked it within Google Home which seems to help temporarily - the lock is controllable in Google Home for a period of time (~5 min), after which it becomes unresponsive again. Seems like certain activities like relinking the U-tec Smart Home will trigger an action on the service to make the lock visible to Home/Assistant, but then it times out and stays offline.

EDIT: My lock firmware is 02.26.0021 and my WiFi firmware is 01.04.0201

Yes, my problem was resolved. The only change is it requests my PIN after every verbal command but I can live with that new feature as it makes the time to execute exceedingly much faster!

Yes, works much better.

An update and reboot, all is well.

Glad yours is resolved as mine is still inconsistent and undependable. Seems if I run the U-tec app before launching Google Home, it shows up as available (for about 5 min), otherwise the lock is offline in Google Home. Also, with regards to the PIN, when mine was working, it only required the PIN for unlocking, not locking - not sure if they changed that behavior.

@edge Please click here to submit a ticket directly. Please select “Works with/Integrations” for the Request category and go to “Google Assistant.” our support team will follow up with you closely.

Have you tested it with the bridge much closer to your door? I had a similar issue when I had first setup, but once I moved my bridge closer to my door the issue of seeing my door lock disappeared. I hope this helps you.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t use a bridge since the wifi is built into this version (U-Bolt Pro WiFi). The lock has no problem connecting to wifi whenever the app is running,. I opened up a ticket as Will suggested and it seems to have helped. Maybe they adjusted something on the service-side so that it pings the device more regularly for status updates or keep-alive.

Same problem here :frowning: I have an ultraloq + bridge and when I’m using my Google home it doesn’t work.

@Couillard-Proulx Please make sure your bridge is set well in the first place. Then see if Google home can get back to work and do not forget to reset if necessary. You can also create a ticket to us follow your issues.

I desactivated Band Steering on my router to be sure that the bridge will stay on 2.4g. Until now, it is working.