Google Home/Assistant unable to lock or unlock the deadbolt

The lock will actuate when using the U-tec app, but will not move when using Google integration. My U-tec account seems to be successfully linked to my Google account and the lock appears in the Home app, but when I try to toggle it nothing happens, despite the state changing in the app. The phone is a Pixel 6 Pro.

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Did you get a reply or solve the problem with Google integration? I am having the same problem.

I did not, sorry. I put in a ticket, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No responses?

I discovered that the lock’s state in Google Home will update correctly when the lock’s state is changed by some other means. That is, using the app, the keypad, or manually. But will still not move from the Home app itself. Setting a passcode during the linking process makes no difference.

I did also notice that the Home app’s animations involving the lock changing state look glitchy, and it will even crash occasionally. It will change state from locked to unlocked even with an incorrect or cancelled passcode, but again, the lock does not actually move.

I’m guessing there is some kind of api mismatch, Google had changed something and its services are attempting to communicate with the lock using a protocol it does not understand. Any U-Tec personnel able to comment on that?

The lock’s installation was textbook. The only nonstandard thing I did was swap out the cylinder for a genuine Schlage one. But mechanically it is fine.

Hello everyone. I just recently installed the U-Bolt Pro WiFi. I am having the same issue with Google Assistant. The installation was successful. The U-Tec app allows me to unlock and lock with no issues. I was able to add it to Google home successfully (with and without pin code). I am able to monitor the lock using Google Assistant. Not able to lock and unlock the door using Google Assistant. Google Assistant says it being unlocked or is being locked. But the lock does nothing. Please update us with the status of your ticket Justyn. Like to know the resolution.

No answer to my ticket, sorry :confused:

I’m having the same problem as described here. Just installed my new lock and expected it to work with google home as advertised. The linking with google works with no errors and I see the device in Google home. When I request unlocking it states unlocked in home, but the unit does not respond. I’ve updated the firmware to latest.

!!! SOLVED !!!

Hello and good day to all.

I have great news. It been a long time I know. But since my first post on May 9th I have been working with U-Tec on this issue. There has been a lot of emails going back and forth. I did everything they asked including resetting the lock to uninstalling the app and disconnecting my Google Home. They even sent me a replacement lock. Nothing fixed the issue. I kept insisting that it had nothing to do with me that the issue must be in how U-Tec is receiving or sending data from Google Home or to the lock after the Google Home request. Today was the day that proved they have what I believe a bug. We setup a time for them to monitor there logs while I try unlocking and locking the door with Google Home. Once they got the logs it only took them an hour to figure out the issue. You’er not going to believe how easy the solution is. But you may not be happy with it either.

The issue is with the passcode I setup in my U-Tec app. My U-Tec app allowed me to enter in a passcode up to 8 digits. So I set my passcode to be 8 digit. I want my lock to be secure. Right? The issue causing my issue is … the passcode in the U-Tec app. If your going to use Google Home your passcode in the U-Tec app must be 6 digits. Yes you read that right. Your passcode must be no more then 6 digits for Google Home to work.

I really hope U-Tec fixes this issue. I prefer a 8 digit passcode instead of a 6 digit. And why would you allow the app to have 8 digits if you have to change it to 6 digits for Google Home to work. This is why I say U-Tec have a bug.

Anyway, I only hope this solves your issue too. Let me know if it did.


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Eyy, this worked. What an odd issue. Thanks for being persistent.

Just heard back from support as well. Changing to 6 digits passcode on the primary account worked for me too.