U-tec App and Ultraloq Bridge

Now that you bought your Smart Lock, you can open your door with your fingerprint, shaking your phone, knocking your phone, with your passcode, but, what about when you are not home? How can you let someone in?

Smart Lock, U-tec App and Ultraloq Bridge is the perfect combination if you want to have total control of who goes in and out of your home. Pairing your Smart Lock with Ultraloq Bridge and with the App is a 3-minute process, after you’ve done it you can control everything with your smartphone.

Unlock your Ultraloq anytime, from anywhere

Let’s say your friends showed up unannounced but you are not home yet, you will no tell them to wait outside your home for 30 minutes until you get there. It’s easy, unlock your phone, open the U-tec App, click to unlock the door and that’s it. They are in.

Share eKey Remotely

You have your house listed in Airbnb, someone books it, now? How do you let them in? You have two options, giving them YOUR keys, or, sharing them an eKey. Yes, this one is better. Open the U-tec app, add a temporary user, set a passcode, schedule dates and time of check-in and check-out, share the passcode with your guest and that’s it.

Smart Alerts, Notifications, View logs on the Go

On a business trip or out of town it’s normal that you worry if your kids make it safe after school, with the U-tec App, you can get alerts and notifications every time someone unlocks your door, you can view logs of anyone who’s entered your house and how they did. All of this with the help of the U-tec app and Ultraloq Bridge.

U-tec App is available for both iOS and Android, scan the QR code to download it.

If you want more information about Ultraloq Bridge, click Here.

  • Ultraloq Bridge works with Ultraloq Combo, Ultraloq UL1, Ultraloq U-Bolt, and UL3 BT