What do you get when you buy a Smart Lock?

Are you tired of losing your keys and having to call the locksmith, you want to have control of who enters and exits your house and you want to ensure your house with more security? Well, the answer is easy, you need a Smart Lock.

Convenience and Accessibility

Forget about having your keys or having someone waiting for you in your entrance, with a Smart Lock you will not have to deal with this. Your fingerprint, your phone or a passcode you set will be your new way to go into your house. Stop gambling around with the groceries, as you approach your door, the Smart Lock will detect your phone and open it, simple as that.


If you rent your house for the holidays, someone has to fix a bathroom and you are not home or your friends showed up unannounced, having a Smart Lock will make it easier. With your phone and your lock paired with a Wi-Fi bridge you can grant access remotely, control and set times when people can come in, share passwords to enter or just lock the door, yes, you can do all of this without being in your house.


Security is a top priority for our house, so be sure your Smart Lock will provide it, Ultraloq uses a dual encryption process. The Ultraloq uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate between your smartphone and the UL1 lock. These communications are encrypted using bank-level 128-bit AES via an embedded hardware co-processor.

Now that you have a clear image of what a Smart Lock can do for you, don’t hesitate and check the different products U-tec offers you, in the next link. U-tec Store

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