Make your home smarter

Smart speakers, smart security cameras, smart light bulbs, smart refrigerators, smart locks, smart televisions, nowadays, you can get any kind of smart product that will help you have an easier and safer life in your house.

You can choose the smart appliance depending on what you need:


If you are not sure if your door lock is safe enough to protect your house from burglars, this is definitely a part of your house where you should not give it a second thought and invest a little bit more than the cheapest door lock. Smart locks are safe door locks with a fingerprint, passcode access and a robust body that will make it more difficult for thieves. Normally it takes 2 minutes for a burglar to break into a house, with a powerful and the right Smart lock you will avoid this and keep your valuables and family safe. Click Here to check out the different Smart Locks U-tec has to offer you.

Saving on your bills

Smart appliances make it easy for users to control them with their smartphone or even control by themselves when no one is home. Thermostats, lighting, air purifiers can adjust automatically when no one is around and activate when you are in your way home, this way no electricity will be wasted when no one is home, only in use when needed.


You are late for work, there is traffic but you don’t know it yet, there is a voice telling you that there has been an accident and you should take another route to make it on time for your job. Voice Assistants can provide helpful information by asking them, also Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with Ultraloq Products, you can check them Here.

Smart Appliances will make your life easier, and in U-tec we are committed to giving you and your loved one’s ultimate security and convenience on every single door in your home. Click Here to check out the different Smart Locks U-tec has to offer you.