Alexa will not work

Despite following these instructions several times, the Alexa integration simply will not work. Judging by the Alexa Skill reviews, I’m not alone. Figured I’d ask here before shipping the product back. Any thing I’m missing? It all links and such but when I trigger a routine to lock, it says it was unlocked but it doesn’t do anything at all.

  • firmware updated
  • bridge installed
  • 2.4 ghz WiFi
  • strong WiFi and ble connection
  • re-linked several times
  • re-input password as article suggests

I was able to solve this. It seems their setup process is very finicky and not easily recovered.

  1. removed device from U-tec account
  2. logged out of app
  3. deleted app
  4. disabled alexa skill
  5. removed device from Alexa
  6. held button on bridge to reset it
  7. followed setup instructions below

This prob one of the least forgiving setups I have encountered. As a professional software engineer, I can say that the poor reviews are mostly well deserved as it seems the setup requires a complete “happy path” scenario or your hosed. Good luck.

Ok I lied. It worked once and isn’t working anymore. I’m returning it. This brand is apparent trash. Do not buy.