UL3 mechanical issue with latch

Hi community, I am generally happy with the operation of mu UL3 BT lock and ease of access.However, I have had issues with the latch and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. Basically, the gears in the mechanism inside the latch appear to break in about 18 months under normal use conditions such that I have had to replace it a couple of times already (have had the lock for about 3 years).

@ZarehK The ticket 96768 has been created, please check the email.

I have a similar issue. I use my finger or the app and I hear it signal unlock but no gears engage and it will do this many times. I have changed the batteries and it still doesn’t work. I have tried to call the help line but the number is not working.I am not sure how to progress

@Quesada please check your email to follow-up with the ticket number 97589, our phone support team will call you back as well.

This definitely seems to be a problem. I installed my Gen 2 early this year, the clutch failed after a few months and U-Tec sent me a replacement clutch. Installed that in May and have a third being shipped now as that one is starting to fail (hand up works, handle down does nothing) . I will install that one next week but this will be the last time I do it. There is obviously a known issue with the clutch assembly (seemingly the most basic part of a complicated BT/Wifi lock) as they keep shipping them to me.