UL3 mechanical issue with latch

Hi community, I am generally happy with the operation of mu UL3 BT lock and ease of access.However, I have had issues with the latch and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. Basically, the gears in the mechanism inside the latch appear to break in about 18 months under normal use conditions such that I have had to replace it a couple of times already (have had the lock for about 3 years).

@ZarehK The ticket 96768 has been created, please check the email.

I have a similar issue. I use my finger or the app and I hear it signal unlock but no gears engage and it will do this many times. I have changed the batteries and it still doesn’t work. I have tried to call the help line but the number is not working.I am not sure how to progress

@Quesada please check your email to follow-up with the ticket number 97589, our phone support team will call you back as well.

This definitely seems to be a problem. I installed my Gen 2 early this year, the clutch failed after a few months and U-Tec sent me a replacement clutch. Installed that in May and have a third being shipped now as that one is starting to fail (hand up works, handle down does nothing) . I will install that one next week but this will be the last time I do it. There is obviously a known issue with the clutch assembly (seemingly the most basic part of a complicated BT/Wifi lock) as they keep shipping them to me.

I have a similar issue. I thought the lock was sticking but now when I look at it I can see the latch doesn’t fully depress and causes the door to ‘stick’.
I originally thought maybe something shifted inside so I went ahead and took it all apart then back together… nope… same thing. Since then it kept getting worse to the point I couldn’t open the door any more… my last ditch effort I shaved down the wood behind the plate and set it back a bit, but now back to the ‘stick’ situation where I need to give it a shoulder to get it open.
Needless to say the latch or mech won’t be happy for long & will prob just end up physically breaking. -only reason it hasn’t broken yet is because its at my condo 3.5hrs away and is used very infrequently… my ears are wide open for any suggestive paths to a resolution…

@Martire The problem should be caused by mechanical parts inside. Please submit a ticket directly. Ultraloq smart lock comes with a lifetime warranty for mechanical parts and 12(UL1 / Combo and Bridge) to 18(Other Models) months for electronic components from the date of delivery.

I have this problem, and I need a quick and reliable fix. Is there any chance there’s a generic Latch Assembly I could get from Home Depot that will work with the UL3?

hello, I have an ultraloq UL3 that stopped working. initially it presented difficulty to open, as if the engine did not have the strength to unlock. I changed the batteries, however, the problem continued. had to try several times to unlock it. now, things got worse and the lock doesn’t lock anymore, keeping it unlocked all the time.
The problem is that I leave in Brasil , and I can’t find parts here. Somebody can tell me where can I find parts that can be send to Brasil ?? I think the engine is the problem

My lock has only been fitted 4 months and tonight the latch failed locking tenants in the apartment. This will cost me $$$$$ as I had to pay for a strata callout to try and unlock the door via a key, without success, nothing worked. Eventually the only solution was for the tenants to remove the lock completely. Fortunately we left a small tool bag in the apartment.