UL1 Combo Lock stopped working - Customer support says they can't help

Apparently this nearly $400 product has failed in 1.5 years and support says there’s nothing they can do because it’s out of warranty. I checked and sure enough, the warranty on their most expensive product is the shortest - 12 months for electronic issues. Forget the fact that they didn’t confirm it’s an electronic issue, had i known the warranty was so short that would have been a clue not to purchase this unit. I’m frustrated that the product failed, support takes so long to reply, and when i finally got a reply, it was unsatisfactory. They don’t answer the support line. When you call, you’re put on a 5-minute hold by an automated system that ultimately sends you to voicemail. And none of my voicemails were ever returned. They did reply to the support ticket but only after requiring information like date of purchase and serial number (you have to be in front of the unit to get the serial number). You’ll have to endure asinine questions and usually wait at least 24 hours for a reply. i’ve sent many support requests in the 1.5 years since i purchased the UL1 combo lock and it always takes weeks to get it resolved and sometimes not even then. The last support ticket i opened was on 2.13.23 and it was “resolved” on 3.3.23. Their resolution was to tell me too bad, it’s out of warranty. Truly a bad product, expensive, doesn’t work as advertised (the app never unlocked the door as stated it would), would lose fingerprints randomly, wouldn’t unlock, and when it completely failed U-tec wouldn’t stand behind its product. Never again.

Hi Annab,

We are really sorry for this. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply. Thanks for your understanding.