Another week of customer service ineptitute

It’s now been a full month since I PAID for a warranty replacement. Since then despite over 100 attempts to communicate customer service have failed to get me a tracking number and my front door still has a gap in U-Tec sized hole in it. I honestly think this is the behavior of a business about to go bankrupt. There is NO reason it takes 1 month to send me a tracking number.

@simon3 We updated the tracking info. in your submitted ticket. Please check it out at your earliest convenience.

This Company is horrible - I ordered the UL1 Combo and the Deadbolt does not work I was even sent a New Dead bolt - @2 deadbolts not detected in the App no matter what I do.

@Michael11 So sorry to make you feel like that. Please come back and look at your updated ticket at the earliest.