Autobolt (deadbolt)does not lock

My deadbolt does not lock. I have the ultraloq combo and when you lift the handle its suppose to lock the deadbolt, it does not. If i manually lock the deadbolt and hold the handle down, it unlocks, butbdoes not lock. Its been a month and support reached out to the creators, but still no one has contacted me back. I opened another ticket at least a weel ago and still no response. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do? I have tons of fingerprints regustered for my 2 uears old nurses that come and go. Trying not to do a reset, bevause it would cause an issue. It did work before. All i did was tighten the screws because the handle keeps getting loose. I did disconnect the clip inside, bit only for a few seconds. Please help me.

Hi @Profeta, our agent replied to you via the trouble ticket system, please check the email.