Auto lock Stopped Working & Deadbolt not Retracting

I’ve had my lock for less than a month and I’m experiencing 2 absolutely unacceptable issues already.

  1. Auto Lock has stopped working. I would not have purchased this lock if I’d know there was a possibility that the auto lock was unreliable. That is simply must have functionality for the lock to do its purpose of securing my property.
  2. The bolt sometimes fails to fully retract when unlocking from outside (fingerprint or code).

How is this thing on the market with such fundamental issues???

We have submitted a ticket for you. Our agent will contact you soon.

Danny2 have you triple-checked that there is absolutely NO RESISTANCE, none whatsover, when the deadbolt is thrown into the strike plate of the door frame?

I replaced two existing deadbolts with U-Tecs, and both of the installations required a lot of chiseling and adjustment to make certain the bolt operated easily and without any “catching” or resistance. This included adjusting the door lock (doorknob) mechanism itself to assure that when the door is closed the deadbolt works perfectly every time.

I can’t for example casually close the door and expect the U-tec to work. I have to push or pull it tight until the door lock clicks and then the deadbolt will work.