Warranty changes for mechanical issues

I’ve paid for 2 UL3 BT smart locks. One on the IndieGoGo campaign to support the overall idea and one on Amazon.de (German version of Amazon). I use the lock only for my entrance door, so when the first one got the latch part damaged I immediately replaced it with the second one. However, currently, the second one has exactly the same issue with the latch part.

Now I contacted the support and they admit it classifies for free replacement covered by the lifetime mechanical parts warranty. However, they refuse to send the parts anywhere other than the US!!!

What happened? I got one issue before that was related to the mechanical part and I got a free replacement delivered to my Polish address.

Does anyone know why U-tec suddenly decided to break consumer rights?

@Juraszek Hi, we have updated your ticket 150947. Please check it out when you have a chance.