U-tec APP has a new version, waiting for you to experience it! (V2.0 will be launched soon)

I’ve installed. It’s going to take some getting use to, but so far it’s working.

I understand that one of your problems is that the log time is inconsistent with the actual lock time. You can check whether the time zone of the address is set correctly, because the log time is based on the time zone of the address; for the second problem, we mainly want to prevent the user’s password from being leaked.

Thanks for your feedback.

Also, I would like to ask if you mean “owner” or “admin” to see the user passcodes?

Thanks, received!!!

Hi Carrie, there is absolutely an issue with the app with the time and it is not a time zone issue.

  • future times are on the log (as you can see from my screenshot and time time of the screenshot in the upper left hand corner. In this case, a future auto lock.
  • in one screenshot you will see that I used the app to lick and unlock. The times showed up as an hour before I got home, though I had just used the app to lock /unlock. This is likely a time zone programming error on your end. The times for one mode of locking was correct and the other wasn’t.

Admin as in owner. The app calls me (the owner with full control) admin. I’d like to be able to see the passwords. At the very least, indicate that a passcode is stored by adding asterisks when it is. It truly is disconcerting when you upgrade to a new app version and it seems the passwords are gone.

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Just wanted to contribute some of my early observations.

  1. On Android, I didn’t need to uninstall v1. I simply sideloaded the v2 beta APK which updated the existing install.

  2. ABSOLUTELY concur with the other users who want to be able to see the PIN access codes for previously assigned users. If you want to limit that to admin accounts, that’s fine. But having no ability to see if someone has an existing code and what that is–that’s a poor user experience.

  3. I like the new UI and the option to group the locks. Really cleans up the front page for those of us with multiple.

  4. Really want to repeat the request to be able to sort the order of the locks on each page.

We will release a new version in the next few days to solve this problem.


Thanks for feedback, we are fixing on these problems.

That’s weird. Could you please tell me which time zone you are currently in, and take a picture like the following?

hi it seems there’s still no way to delete a passcode, only to change it.

When doing Location management, and “Edit Name”, there’s no indicator of where the cursor is which I find gave me pause.

I was hoping the beta would have the ability to define passage mode length by user code. So I could have one code that relocks quickly, another code that puts the lock into passage mode for several hours (or for example until midnight), and another code that puts the lock into passage mode until changed.

Love the new interface; however already there a quite a few issues.

My locks loaded automatically which was nice. I have 4 locks already installed and 1 I’m going to install this weekend. 1 lock is at another location so I love the new dual address feature. But when trying to change the address it keeps going back to my current address after I save the alternate address. Then when i try to view the logs nothing comes up.

I am in the same boat, recently i get a "connecting " a lot without able lto actually connect. Own 2 locks in different locations this started to happen to both, never had this before.

Hello, did this connection problem happen after you upgraded the app? I just found out that both of your devices are online, can you check again? thanks.

Hello, did this connection problem happen after you upgraded the app? I just found out that both of your devices are online, can you check again? thanks.

I am not quite sure, but i believe i did upgrade from previous version to the latest V1.8.2 that i have currently.
Just checked again and one device i can connect in 3 sec than other is stack in “connecting” mode.
Wanted to try the beta version to see if that would help, but quite hesitant as I can’t lose the feature of view the users code that V1 has
Is there any way to roll back to pre V1.8.2 that i can try to see if that is a possible problem?

Yes, you can re-download V1.8.2 in google play. Thanks!

I will try that and revert back to you,
Thank you.