U-Bolt Pro Randomly Opens; Not Using Auto Unlock

I’ve had the U-Bolt Pro installed for about a year with no problems at all. Starting yesterday, the Lock will Open Randomly. Auto Unlock is NOT turned on. Thank goodness I have Auto-Lock enabled; it does relock after 30 seconds. Help! I changed the password on my account just in case and is still doing it. 11 times yesterday and 9 times today. HELP!

Support called me back quickly yesterday. One of the things that she asked was: Had I hooked up the lock to another device, such as Alexa? I didn’t think so but double-checked after the call. Turns out I had! I disconnected the connection and the problem has not reoccurred since then. Sooooooo - looks to me like the Alexa connection may have been sending those random ‘Open the Lock’ commands even though we did not initiate them. I hope this is it - if it starts happening again, I will update this.