Thumbprint pad does not work

I am just curious. Since everyone in this thread has the same problem, why not offer a general response of things they can try, instead of having each person submit a ticket? This way, new visitors to this thread may get the answer they seek without submitting a ticket. It would sure speed things up.

@Marc3 Thanks for your great advice!
If your fingerprint sensor light was on when pressing your finger on it, please click this link Tips for Improving Fingerprint Verification to find out how to improve your fingerprint verification.

If your fingerprint sensor light was off when pressing your finger on it, please check the wire and carefully reconnect the connector between the Interior Assembly and the Exterior Assembly. Guide to Disconnect/Reconnect the Keypad Wire

Note: Make a slow expiration (breath) from your mouth to the finger, which will help to moisten your fingertip. Is there any difference?

It would be more efficient to support you to submit a ticket directly.

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I have the exact same issue. Everything works but the fingerprint pad is unresponsive. It is like it has no power to it, but everything else works fine.