The app repeatedly times out when I try to add new users

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The app repeatedly times out when I try to add new users. Also, I cannot find how to speak to a human to resolve this issue. The bot is not helpful.

I recently had this same issue, and after talking with a support person via chat, they had me uninstall, then reinstall the app. I did not lose any of my locks users or data doing this, and I was able to program a new user without getting the “timed out” message.
One thing I don’t understand is why support doesn’t show possible fixes for issues on this forum. It seems like it would make both their and the users life a lot easier. Instead they most often tell users on the forum they have sent them an answer to their support ticket problem, that no else ends up seeing and benefiting from. I hope the uninstall/reinstall operation works for you.


I’m in the same situation. Sometimes I have better luck with a cellular connection instead of WiFi. But I now sit by the lock, turn off WiFi and add new users with Bluetooth.
I have had tech sessions that get me connected but just temporarily. I’ve learned to monitor the WiFi signal strength in settings to avoid wasting my time hoping the time out problem will fix itself. I don’t believe there is a solution and they are trying to string us along past the warranty period.
Otherwise, I like the lock.

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