Notice: The lock has already been initialized. Please delete it and re-add it to the app

How are you solving this issue for those that have seen this error message?

Excuse me, how did you receive this message? Commonly, it will pop up when your lock has been reset manually. This means you have to re-add your lock.

I have the same issue. I did nothing to reset the lock. I attempted to access via the app and received this and timeout errors when I tried to edit settings, update users, or use other functions. Additionally, the lock mode does not update. There is a spinning icon for Lock Mode on the main settings screen. When you tap Lock Mode, you receive the error “NOTICE Timeout, Please try again”.

I have opened a support case, 160240. We attempted troubleshooting over the phone that included the agent resetting the lock remotely. After removing and reconnecting the bridge and the agent resetting the lock remotely, the issue persists in the app. Functions performed manually on the lock unit (PIN or fingerprint unlock) work as expected, but app functionality still fails.

I’m having this same issue. How it ocurred for me:

  1. Wife installed the lock and set up her admin account on the app
  2. She sent me an invite. I created an account in the app and accepted
  3. We realized she meant to make me an Admin and had set me as a regular user
  4. She deleted my user for that lock, and re-invited me as an admin
  5. In the app I have access to the lock, users, etc; all the admin features, but each page gives me the popup message at the top of this thread
  6. Despite having these options in the app, none seem to actually work for me, and the popups keep persisiting

Thank you for your detailed feedback, but i need to confirm if the lock has been reset, Could your wifi lock or unlock the lock by her app now?

So after deleting and re-adding the lock, you still receive this message"Notice: The lock has already been initialized. Please delete it and re-add it to the app"?

It is still working fine on her app; she is able to lock or unlock the app by Wifi, create users, set pins, etc

I just ran into this exact same problem today. The lock has not been reset.

I did have another problem on August 16, with the app giving me some sort of message about the logs. It was lucky that I happened to be on site and able to add another admin user manually (not through the app). After doing that, I regained access to the lock through the app.

I’m wondering whether the problems are related. Has something been changed either in the app or the backend system in the past month, possibly related to the way the software logs information, that is corrupting the logs or otherwise creating these problems?

I must have this fixed within the next few days as I rely on the app for managing access codes for my vacation rental condo. Should I create my own support case for this?

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The more support cases they have, the more urgency the issue will receive.

I have submitted a case now: 160625.

I’ve urged U-Tec to give this a very high priority given it’s a new problem that is significantly impacting multiple customers.

I suggest you all restart your phones. That should fix your problem.

Nope, that didn’t do it.

Did you delete the app, restart your phone and then reinstall the app? Or did you just restart your phone?

The U-Tec technical team has fixed a problem on the server in order to address this issue. My app is now fully able to access and control my lock. I expect everyone else reporting this problem should also find that full access and control has been restored.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app seems to have fixed the problem.

It did fail again after a couple of days, which I reported to U-Tec. They produced a new version of the app. Updating to the newest version, as @Hudson1 did, fixes the problem. Let’s hope it sticks!

@Kevin23 If shared users encounter this problem, please let the owner add a passcode for you. The new app version will fix this bug.