Sweet Ideas for Exchanging Keys on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Exchanging keys with your boyfriend or girlfriend on this day can be romantic. This is a really big deal. After all, it shows you trust another person enough to give them complete access to your home. Given that it’s usually a relationship milestone, shouldn’t the key you give—or receive—be a little more exciting than the standard cutout from the hardware store?

A sweet heart-shaped key with a whimsy design?

Or simply by saying “You stole the key to my heart, now here’s the key to my home”?

What about sending him or her an Ekey via smartphone app? A creative way, isn’t it?

With Ultraloq Combo, you are free to assign permanent or temporary access via U-tec app so if things don’t work out, you just cancel your ex’s code. No awkward key return! You’re welcome!