Receive a Special Offer of ULTRALOQ Latch 5 Experience Officers!

Thanks for your support, trust, and appreciation in the past few years.

As our most valued users, we know you had given effective upgrading feedback about our world’s first bluetooth fingerprint lock. We believe the success of ULTRALOQ has come up to your expectations and we are committed to making our products better.

We sincerely want to recruit 150 Experience Officers to work with us to help improve the world’s first Wi-Fi smart lever lock - ULTRALOQ Latch 5.

Very first batch Crowdfunders of ULTRALOQ UL3 BT will be given priority, and you will be notified by email. But everyone could sign up by clicking here.

We will make a comprehensive evaluation based on the information you submit. Selected candidates will be officially notified by email that you are a Latch 5 Experience Officer and invited to join the official WhatsApp group.

Experience Officer Duties:

● Share your experiences and feelings about the product using different things like images, text, audio or video, etc.

● Give some feedback and suggestions according to the official requirements.

● Help us complete the official product research report, etc.

Experience Officer Privilege:

● Early access to new products information

● Participate in the new product launch

● Early bird prices

I’d love to test out the fingerprint latch 5 product .

Got the email but it went to promotions in Gmail so I didn’t do it in time,

I am here if f you wind up needing additional testers. Love my BT3 lock. Please make sure it works well with kids and would love to see 2 things in the new version:
Log who and when modes are changed
NFC and Fingerprint together would be amazing

Much the same problem as Lazerwitz, I found the email today. I wish I had found it yesterday. Looks like I may have missed out by 1 day. Im still willing if you want me.

I got the email and filled out the shipping form. I’m so excited !

@Craig Welcome, Im glad someone got the email, its a shame it came from the no reply address and at least two of us had it treated as spam. Three days isn’t long. I wish they had given longer or advised when they would email, so that we knew to look out for a possible email. Oh well I guess these things happen. I look forward to seeing your feedback once it arrives and you start putting it through its paces.

Yes I agree 3 days isn’t long and I just got lucky I checked my email. I haven’t received any other emails about it since I filed out the shipping form so I’m hoping the latch shows up.

Do we have any idea when these ship? I received the e-mail and submitted the form on 9/15. Looking forward to testing!

Same here, filled out the shipping form. Curious if any estimate on the shipping?

Hopefully it wont be long. As I done seem to be allowed to test myself, I await feedback from the 3 people (so far) who managed to read their email of looked in their spam folders quick enough.

Our experience officer selecting has ended on Sep 17, and we have notified the experience officers by email. The products are being shipped one after another, please be patient.

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Thanks, but @Craig and I had email issues. I have been trying to get hold of someone since, as the email needed a very fast response with no warning to look out for it and was sent from a no reply that often ends up in spam.
I have tired making contact in this thread and via DM, since the morning when I found the email and your response now is the first thing I have seen.