Sort, Filter, and Export Logs

Hey All. When using the app, it’s impossible to perform even the most perfunctory of security audits as not only isn’t there a way to filter the logs by user, there’s not even a way to sort them by date, event, or Anything Else for that matter. And this issue is compounded by the fact that the app doesn’t provide a way to export the logs, so that filtering and sorting can happen elsewhere. Really, the Event History is half useless, as the only way to even go Back that far is to select a date in the calendar and Hope that it has entries.

At the Very least, the calendar should have a visible denotation of where the oldest logs are.

Features I would have expected from a basic security log system.

  1. Selecting a User should have a link to the log filtered by that user’s entries.

  2. Basic Sort and Filter Options should be included in the Logs (By User, Event Type, Date Range, Etc.)

  3. Selecting an Entry in filtered results should jump to that location in the timeline (So, For Example, if there were a string of “Unauthorized User” attempts followed by a Pin Entry for a Specific User, that could indicate someone Guessing that users PIN).

“Ideal” UX Choices and Features would include:

  • Selecting an Entry in the timeline should filter the timeline by that event / user type.

  • Additional Log History could be set to auto save on the device (During Remote Unlock Detection, App Access, Scheduling, Etc.) so that it is preserved since the lock history in the device is so limited.

  • Logs should export to XML, CSV, or whatever generic format the app already uses. Any User that wants exported logs can hit up the Support Site and figure out how to use the log file if it’s not nicely formatted, though “Ideally” it would be of course.

Hi, I have recorded your requirements. Can I ask why you need these logging features so I can better understand your needs?

Different people will have different reasons for these logs. For myself, it allows me to check on when certain people have come and gone from the house, so that “For Example”, if my niece’s code was used during a time that she was at school, I know that either she was skipping class, OR that her code has been compromised. It also allows me to sync up an event to an event in my security system, again, to know when someone’s access code was used and who was using it.

Going down the list I made to provide example use cases:

“Selecting a user should link to the log filtered by that person’s entries”
This is what I was talking about above. It allows me to see if the times that person shows up in the logs matches the times they “Should” be coming and going, so that I can investigate if the times Don’t match what I would expect.

“Basic Sort and Filter Options”
This is just an expected feature in any logging system. If selecting a person doesn’t pull up the log filtered by that person, simply having the ability to filter it lets the user do that manually. The rest of the filtering allows for more granular security investigations such as:

– What person activated the locks before a lock error, so that that person can be spoken too about making sure to engage the lock
– Who came through the lock on “Sunday” to see who was entering or exiting the house when folks weren’t there
– Etc.

“Selecting and entry in an filtered list should jump to that entry in the timeline”
I actually provided an example in the original post. If there are odd entries, the user can investigate the surrounding entries to discover what may have been going on (Like a person guessing someone’s PIN).


These basic functions benefit both a regular home user, and further, Significantly benefit users with advanced use cases (Rental Homes, Group Homes, Etc.).

As to the “Ideal” examples:

“Selecting an entry in timeline should filter by that person or event (Depending on where you select it) type”
This just makes filtering the list for the aforementioned reasons easier than going to a filtering pull down or sub menu. Not crucial, just one less tap.

“Auto Save Log History”
This seems pretty self explanatory. Being able to set up a method for the app to automatically save the log history somewhere when the user interacts with the lock through their device allows for more logging to be captured (In case an event the user wishes to investigate occurs further back than the “On Device” history has recorded). Especially considering how limited the log history is on the device itself, and how quickly it could fill up during high usage periods.

“Log Export”
This ties into the former item, and allows a user to manage their logs however they desire. Providing the opportunity for any advanced filtering and display options they may have. In fact, this option alone could cover every use case above (Ideally with the Auto Save History option above), though in a significantly less “Ideal” fashion. But by itself would be a Significant improvement to the current apps capabilities.


Hopefully that’s enough expansion on the ideas presented. I can expand further on anything, or clarify if necessary. All in all, these options turn the logs from a very limited scope novelty to a more useful security tool. And this is for the home user, as I mentioned above, all of these items are even More useful to more advanced users.

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I agree with this request completely.
As a new user, I came here to add an Export Log request since tech support suggested I do so and found this way more articulated request from months ago.
Always amazes me how software manufacturers/programmers never think anyone would have use cases outside of their ideas. CSV was invented/standardized specifically for this. Simply allow dumping of data out of proprietary software/formats/databases so user can manipulate however they desire.
Very expensive commercial software we use simply rotates automatic exports between three files when the internal log gets full. This allows user to download the last two logs in their own time.

This is definitely something of value. Especially the exporting (sending) of the logs. Any updates?

Sorry to miss your message. Thanks for sharing, we are developing a commercial software that will support log export function. Ultraloq Air Product Experience Officer is Recruiting Now (Longtime use without subscription) - #3

Sounds cool. So I assume this will just be accessible to anyone who purchases a lock then? Cause I can’t imagine you’ll be charging a subscription to an individual homeowner who simply wants to have a working log feature? Maybe for folks with like 5 or more locks, sure.