Ultraloq Air Product Experience Officer is Recruiting Now (Longtime use without subscription)

ULTRALOQ Air is a cloud based portal for multiple smart locks management.
It is built for rental business, property managers, security administrators, developers and homeowners to control the access of the properties in any scale from anywhere.

-One dashboard for overlook
-Manage devices and users efficiently
-Dispatch E-Keys from anywhere
-Support temporary E-Keys
-Multiple property management
-Logs record and search

We are now recruiting Product Experience Officer, which will enjoy the Air web portal longtime use without subscription.(Smart locks should be sold seperately)
The experience will begin within the next few months. The number is limited, please start the application here.
Once selected in the first round, U-tec team will contact you one by one to confirm qualification, please make sure your application email is still in use.

Update New,the first round of selection process is over, the final selection is going on through emails contact.

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This is great! We have been working with 26 locks for the past 3 months, and really like the locks, but updated codes daily for these locks as we get new guests has been a huge headache.
I’m looking forward to integrating with the portal to simplify the process of registering our guests in the system.
I’m willing to help in any way I can.
Autumn Creek Branson Inn

When are you planning on launching the ULTRALOQ Air interface? Is it available now as a Beta test program option? This looks awesome and should really help with managing multiple locks across multiple locations.

The request form to be a PEO requires selection on every row when asked about how many properties and locks per property. It would not accept just one row selection. I only need it for 1 property.

I had the same issue. I only need locks (at least during the testing phase) for 2-3 properties, but it made me pick a number of locks for each property number group.

I would love to be one of the ULTRALOQ Air product experiencers. I have 10 doors and about 14 users. I’m also a developer and work in physical and cyber security.

It’s really great.
I have done the installation of several locks in 2 residences and they work very well. I strongly suggest them. I plan to install more…

I suspect that all the options of the software will be included but
It would be good to be able to quickly prevent all users from using the locks in lock or unlock mode for a given time (software mode as manual will still works). For emergency and safety.
Basically, groups of locks with emergency modes in lock or unlock mode.

I’m super happy to be able to help with the improvement and I can’t wait to use it to help my clients and friends in the system.

I remain at your disposal and I can even help with the translation into French if necessary.

Thank you, Louis

A unified admin dashboard would be huge. We have over 30 locks in our facility and need to constantly change codes, grant guess access, move doors to passage etc so an advanced dashboard would be ideal

I like my locks and would appreciate an easier way to manage them. I also have a question. Unfortunately we chose slatted gates so you can reach your hand through the slat and open the gate from the inside handle. Is there any way to disable that handle when the gate is locked?

The locks looks great on our Airbnb apartments and I love the option to use code, fingerprint or smartphone. But for Airbnb it’s important that you improve the time access so that the time of check in and check out can be managed independently. Otherwise guests can access the property before and after their actual booking schedule. At the moment I have to set a code for their check in day then set a new code for their mid stay days and then set another one for their check out days so I can get the time correct. This is not user friendly and when managing multiple properties it’s really difficult. I also have an assistant manager who can’t access the app to set up new guests. I’d love to test the ultraloq air system as this will solve this problem.

I’d like to be included in this first round of test. I have two locks with a third on its way for a separate property, so I’d be able to provide good feedback and test info.

Additionally, I am fluent in Spanish, if that helps.

I am here to help manage and see what the system can and can’t do and see from a customer standpoint what may be good to add and support features that are beneficial that you have added as a company. We have found the locks to be very effective, have a user-friendly interface, and overall a good company to partner with. If I use this, I am likely to show it off to others as well and inform about the product use and encourage them to get it as I am following the cybersecurity pathway.

Awesome looking screenshot! We are looking forward to the product for my apartment buildings. I have standardized on Ultraloq but the current interface became burdensome as I grew.
Why consider me for your public beta?
Working in information technogy with other physical security and access control products, I feel I have the exceptional background to help refine this new product.
And I’m a fan!

I would love to be selected as one of the ULTRALOQ Air product experiencers, I devolpoing a project for an small hotel boutique that will implmenet the latest tech.

Happy to be part of this. Run a co-working space with plans to expand at multiple locations. On the verge of moving to one of the co-working management software solutions, but this may be interesting to test out. High-traffic location

Hello, I filled out the survey to participate in this. I would REALLY like to participate in this as I have been looking for a solution like this as opposed to managing traditional commercial entry management systems. I work for a non-profit org that provides family housing and this could be a very cost effective alternative for smaller orgs like mine.

The second round of selection will be within the next month, please keep checking your emails.

Excellent. We’d love to be a Ultraloq Air Product Experience Officer. We’ve been an early adopter of your locks as we tested them for our Motel. The moment you had the deadbolt that were wifi based and not I need of a bridge we purchased them right away.

One thing to keep in mind. We re-keyed the locks so all our locks have one master key. This is something you may want to offer properties that need multiple lock. Could be an add on option.

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