Ultraloq Air User Fee?

Will there be a Fee to use AIR

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Any idea when this is coming?


It is released already in beta version. You can download the new app these days to get started.

It will be free to use for now to all users with compatible locks. But we will keep the right to change to subscription plans in the future.

How do I get it? I cannot find it on the Apple store and the link ULTRALOQ Air – U-tec just shows as waitlist?

Please wait for a few days, the new app is releasing gradually to all users. When download the new app,V2.1.3, there will be instructions within the app . There will be instructions also in website within days coming.

Why are you planning on charging for Air? Makes ZERO sense. I can’t utilize smart door locks without equally smart software interfaces. The smartphone app interface is good, but users with multiple locks need something like Air (a web app) to use to manage locks from a computer. Why charge for software when your locks can’t work without good management software. This seems very deceptive. Future customers are going to be very upset after purchasing your locks when they find out you are charging for the interface to then control the locks. It’s totally unacceptable to tell customers that they can use the more limited smartphone app for free, but they will need to pay to properly manage their locks from Air. Whoever is in charge of making these kind of decisions at U-tec should be replaced, as they clearly don’t understand customer sentiment!