U Bolt Pro log isn’t populated

I have two U Bolt Pro locks, in different homes. I just noticed that the logs for each lock have no entries (app says “Empty log”), so I’m not seeing any record of my locks’ actions.

The logs were working fine some time ago, but I couldn’t say how long ago because I haven’t looked in awhile.

I’m using latest iOS apps (same issue exists when accessing locks from iphone or ipad). App version is 2.0.9 (updated in AppStore 3 days ago).

Firmware is O2.26.2020.

Any ideas why this isn’t working?


We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you.

A ticket #131045 has been created for this issue. Please check your e-mail for detailed reply.

Thank you!

i’m having the same problem as well

Same issue with me too. The log seems to show all lock and unlock status from using the app but only a few when done manually