First attempt to access log always fails

I have a u-bolt pro. When I use the app and choose the device (the only one) and choose “Log” it always reports “empty log”. If I go back to the status page, and try press “log” once more I see all the entries. Does anyone else experience this?

Firmware 02.26.0020
App v2.1.17

Thank you for your feedback. Our team will get back to you via email to resolve the issue. Please keep an eye on your inbox.:slight_smile:

Always. Every time I check the log it’s empty. If I refresh (pull down and let go) then the log shows up.

Me too. Always need to pull it down.

Yes, that seems to be expected.

I’m not sure “expected” is the word I’d use, but I rather unsurprising.

My app shows an empty log and if I pull it down it posts a dialog “lock connection failed” and power cycling the bridge does not help but restarting the app does.

There are so many app bugs it’s alpha. If you take an action too quickly the app gets confused. You can leave a screen and a second later the app shows you the screen you already left. Stuff like that.

The app does not manage its internal state and often shows incorrect info for a moment and then corrects itself. For what it’s worth, because I have built this sort of application a lot, this hints at a messy and chaotic code base, ie fix one bug and cause another scenario.