U-Bolt Pro WiFi stopped logging on 10/8

We just noticed that the lock isn’t logging events anymore. We manage the lock using Ultraloq Air.
The lock is working correctly and is connected to wifi, I can remote access the lock via Air and phone app.
Any ideas?

@Wesley Please check your request #168592 when you have a chance.

The suggested solution was to reinstall the app and reset the lock if needed. Not a great start for a lock that has only been in use a couple months.
I wasn’t thrilled with the possibility of having to reset the lock and re-add 30 employees.
First I tried removing the batteries from the lock and waiting a few minutes. Reinstalled the batteries and after the lock rebooted, I received four log events and then the logging stopped working again. I could still connect to the lock, lock/unlock via app and pin code just no logs.
The battery condition was showing medium, so I replaced the batteries. Once the lock rebooted the logging feature was working again and I could lock/unlock from the app.
However, I noticed that the Air/Shared by showed NULL instead of the owners name. I deleted the app from my iPhone and reinstalled. Now everything is working properly and has been for four days.
Knowing nothing about wifi locks, I chose Ultra-loq because they had the best reviews. I’m thinking, like so many cool gadgets, they have been rushed to production, bugs and all. I just wanted a reliable “set it and forget it” solution and so far this isn’t it. Time will tell…
I have advised my employer to hold off purchasing anymore Ultra-Loqs until we determine the reliability of the current lock.