Issues with Ubolt Wifi


I’m struggling with my Ubolt Wifi lock a lot and it’s giving me lots of problems at the moment.

My first issue is that whenever I replace batteries, the lock never registers again and I have to remove the lock from profile and add it again (which deletes all the users etc…). Can someone point me to what is the correct way of replacing the batteries so I can follow the process and not screw up every time ?

Secondly, after replacing batteries, the wifi doesn’t connect and it keeps failing until I reboot the wifi routers which doesn’t makes sense as it only seems to be an issue with Ubolt wifi.

thanks a lot in advance

Hi Shakeel,

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. This is not what we want our customers to experience.

A ticket has been created for this issue and we will reply to you in detail. Please check your e-mail later.

Thanks for your understanding.

I am having an issue with Temporary user’s passcodes not working with the U-Bolt-WiFi and using Ultraloq Air. When I change the user type to “Normal” the passcode works fine. I need this Temporary user status to manage guests at an Airbnb unit. How do I fix this?