U-Tec U-bolt pro wifi log issues

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the log? I’m running an android Samsung S22 Ultra (and before that, a Samsung Note 10). Same issues on both. App is updated and software is latest firmware.

When I open the APP and go look at the log, most of the time it only shows 5 items, even if the lock was used 20 times. Also, while every user has a name, it does not show who used a password. If I change the date to a previous date, it will still show only 5 items for that date - again, far short of how often it was used. If I go back and forth to different days and return to current day, it will sometimes show , but not all, the activity today (or other days). Even when it does, it shows “unlocked via password” on some lines, but does not show WHO unlocked it via password (everyone has a name). Ideas?

This problem has been located, the update on this issue will be included in the next release, within May most likely.

Yes, same problem on s22 ultra AND Iphone ios… they have been saying app will be updated since January. Ots now July and one of the most important reasons I pirllurchased the lock was because od the log. It does not work!