Resistance when unlocking manually

Hello. I have had a U-Bolt for several months now with no real issues.

Recently when the lock is locked electronically, if you try to unlock from the inside using the knob, it feels like you are fighting against the motor to unlock. It makes a sound like you are turning the motor mechanism. If you try to turn too quickly you can hear a click or snap.

If you try to lock and unlock manually it is fine, no resistance.

This would occur once and a while randomly over the months, but now, its pretty much every time.

I am thinking there must be some sort of clutch or catch that grabs when the motor locks electronically, then is supposed to release when finished, which is now not.

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I’m having the same issue

Same issue here. I installed my lock today, so it has been always doing that…

They are sending me a replacement part under warranty. I opened a ticket for the issue.

Is there a fix to this issue. My lock started doing this after replacing the batteries

Mine was resolved with the replacement lock mechanism they sent, under warranty.
It was a physical issue, not related to batteries.