Beta lock occasionally tough to physically unlock

This is a hard one to figure out what’s going on with the mechanism, but occasionally, my beta lock has become very resistant to unlocking when inside (by turning the latch). Like it’s fighting against me turning it.

It doesn’t happen all the time, and I’ve tried physically adjusting the installation, and testing closing the door to watch it lock to see if it triggers it.

Any ideas on things I should be watching for or testing?

I’ve occasionally had a what could possibly be a similar situation with my non beta lock as well as other smart locks. Sometimes the deadbolts gets slightly twisted while inside the lock, and I need to slightly twist it so the deadbolt is 100% vertical (a fraction of a mm of movement). Other times I’ve had to remove the deadbolt and rotate the knob back and forth a couple of times, as well as twist back and forth the flat portion that protrudes from the exterior. Neither portion ever has any resistance, but somehow they’ll work properly once reassembled. Not sure why this works, but it does. Not sure if that’ll help you.

Good luck.

I had a similar experience with my initial install. What I discovered was that i needed to adjust the strike plates for both the passage latch and the deadbolt. Bit of a pain but it resolved the problem. I also noted the slight rotation of the deadbolt mentioned by estainman. The adjustments I made resolved both issues. This was a new door, new passage knob and U-Bolt; It’s now been two months and humid conditions without issues.

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