New U-Bolt Deadbolt Tough to Engage/Disengage

I’ve tried installing a new U-Bolt Pro Wifi on two different doors now, both experienced the same problem. Once fully assembled, there is a lot of resistance when manually attempting to lock/unlock the door using the key or the interior knob. This happens with the door closed and open. This resistance is too much for the motor to turn the lock and always results in a deadbolt jammed message.

I’ve confirmed the bolt assembly operates fine out of the box and once installed in the door. The bolt still smoothly locks and unlocks when the exterior assembly is attached (both with the keys and simply using my thumb and index finger to rotate). It still works fine once the interior mounting plate is installed.

It only becomes tough to lock & unlock once the interior assembly (the motor piece) is connected to the interior mounting plate. This happens no matter how tight or loose the screws are: D (interior mounting plate) and E (interior assembly to mounting plate). It is almost like the weight of the interior assembly is causing additional stress/friction on the bolt mechanism.

I’ve tried this on two different doors and with a replacement Ultraloq. The doors have a standard offset, thickness, etc. The existing (manual) deadbolts operated smoothly.

It appears like this is the same issue that was briefly discussed in this thread - ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro WiFi Deadbolt Sticking

Anything else I can try?

I had exactly this issue. U Tec sent me a replacement but that had the same problem.
I fixed the issue by returning the Ultraloc and buying a smart lock from a different brand (Eufy). That worked perfectly.

I believe I was able to solve the issue. It appears to be (at least in my case) a fine balance between the weight of the interior assembly and the torque on the various screws. If I push up on the interior assembly before tightening the screws it resolves the issue. I’ve had it working without issue for about 6 days now. I did notice the two lower holes (left and right sides) on the interior mounting plate that are not used for anything in the instructions. I wonder if these are optional to add additional support screws to keep the assembly from sliding down and creating that friction/torque.

@Geoff3 We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you.

Currently, no additional support screws can be added to the two lower holes. We are considering to optimize this design.

Thanks for your understanding.

I am having the EXACT same issue. Bought my look yesterday from Amazon. Works smoothly before installing the interior. Then cannot lock all the way.

Try pushing up (vertically) on the interior assembly before tightening the screws on that side. Keep on pushing up as you tighten the screws. This resolved the issue for me.