Rapid battery drain/Wi-Fi drops endlessly

Ultraloq Pro Wifi smart lock rapidly drains battery within 72hrs. Changed batteries and reset the lock at least a dozen times. Wi-Fi signal drops just as quickly. New firmware did not resolve either issue. Every reset requires
setting up codes/fingerprints. Ultraloq is sending a new interior part, however after reading dozens and dozens of comments mentioning the same issues, I highly doubt this is a firmware issue. I’m beginning to believe is a hardware issue. Instead of continuing to sell this faulty product, stop and correct the problems. I don’t have any other Wi-Fi device that can drain a battery this quickly. Bluetooth won’t even connect.

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@Carroll2 Your ticket 123360 has been updated. Please check it out when you have a chance.

Ultraloq sent out a new part. After install the batteries died and the wifi dropped off after approximately 48 hours. I’ve now spent $250+ on each lock and $40 on batteries. This product is clearly unreliable and executed poorly. I responded to the customer service email requesting an update three days ago, no response.

Receive my THIRD replacement. Batteries are dead within 36 hours. Customer is substandard, never answering my question regarding a refund for poor product. Disputing purchase with credit card is my next move.