Push notifications for iPhone

The push notifications from the iOS app used to work, like a year ago but they never do anymore. I set up smart notifications for users and set the time to “anytime” but still nothing happens. What is your experience? I have 3 u-bolt pro locks at 2 different homes and they have either never worked or not worked in at least a year. The device is iPhone.


I had that happen to me and my InLaws have also. It worked fine for a Year and a half. Then out of the blue, it stopped working. And in past four months it would work on and off. Smart notifications would work for a short while and then suddenly not work at all.

I finally tried something and it seems to work for me. I only have three weeks of confirmed success so far. But it has not stopped once since I did this.

Heirtzler and People with IPhones that are having this very same problem with UBolt Pro WiFi.
Then try this:

You have to do this while at home or house that has U-Bolt Pro WiFi Lock installed with a Paired Bridge then do this in order.

  1. While near the Paired Bridge, Open U-Tec App and go to SETTINGS
  2. Scroll down to PAIRED BRIDGE and CLICK ON IT
  3. Ignore what info it contains and Scroll Down and Click DISCONNECT
  4. UNPLUG the Paired Bridge from the Wall Outlet and let sit for ATLEAST ONE SOLID MINUTE. Please do not shortcut the time. You’ll just have to do it again.
  5. During that wait time, REBOOT/ RESTART your WiFi Router.
  6. Once your Router is back up and connected to the Internet.
  7. Plug the Paired Bridge back into the Wall Outlet and do the SetUp again as if it was brand new. You will need to know your Internet Router Login information.
  8. When setup is complete. Go back to settings on the U-Tec App, Scroll down to PAIRED BRIDGE, click on it and confirm that it is Connected to WiFi and Signal says “GOOD”. Also that Server is Connected.

***Now the PING time should come back under ONE SECOND (for optimum performance). Anything lower than .50 second (half a second) is IDEAL !!

Try testing it. It has worked for me at my house and my InLaws house. Please let me know if it works for you too. I’m curious.

Good Luck !!