Notifications Not Working Consistently

I have set up notifications on my app, but they do not work consistently. Notifications often do not work for days at a time or will work inconsistently within minutes or seconds of lock uses. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone have any potential solutions?

I’ve noticed it but I honestly think it’s more of a Wi-Fi issue. The reason why I think that is because if I know someone opened the door but don’t get the notification, when I open the app and connect to the lock, I’ll then get the notification. I don’t know if it’s my Wi-Fi or the lock itself not keeping connection with my Wi-Fi, and am not sure how to test for that. I also noticed I was behind on the firmware update, so maybe check that your on the most current version.

@Manna @lmhensley13 Problem should be fixed, please try it again.

My notifications stopped working and when I go to check notifications settings in the app it always crashes

@Rock fixed, please try it again.

My notifications are not working either, but I notice that you are mentioning that they should be fixed. Should I recreate them again to have them start working again? Is it an Apple Iphone issue?

@Sfakiyanudis yes, you can create a new one :smiley:

I deleted and then created new notifications, but my notifications are still not working. Any other ideas?

@Sfakiyanudis Please click here to submit a ticket directly, thank you.