Potential Major Bug: Multiple unauthorized phantom or ghost fingerprint unlock attempts

Our locks are having multiple unauthorized fingerprint unlock attempts that last for about 10 minutes. We saw this with two of our u-bolt PRO locks in two different locations–and I think this is a major bug.

The first time it happened with Door#1 which we manage remotely. It started several weeks ago and the last entry of unauthorized phantom fingerprint unlock attempts was on December 3rd. I was able to drive to Door#1 in person to try to understand what happened. Both firmware and app are the latest version. I also had to install a Ring doorbell to make sure there really was no one doing it.

Then the same thing happened to our personal front door lock, which I will refer to as Door #2. It is absolutely terrifying hearing the multiple failed fingerprint unlock attempts and no one is there. It started last night and my husband’s stayed up trying to stop it. I have gathered all the other posts I could find here that describe this exact same thing:


Please address this potential bug immediately. Thank you.

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Here is a screenshot of the attempts.

@Pamela1 Please check your updated ticket #180563 when you have a chance.

Is this resolved? Is there a user facing fix? I’m also facing this issue where even on lockout mode the lock keeps attempting to unlock.