Phantom fingerprint unlock attempt?

Has anyone experienced their U-Bolt Pro attempting a fingerprint unlock on its own?

Recently, about 25min from the time of this post, my U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave attempted to unlock itself. I was close by and heard two beeps, while I was unloading the clothes dryer. I confirmed the attempts in the logs from the U-Tec app. There’s a wall between the U-Bolt and where I was, and the distance between me and the U-Bolt is around 4-5 ft.

While I was unloading the clothes dryer, there was static discharge happening but I don’t think that was the cause because of the wall and distance, however I can’t rule it out.

Hi@Cheung, our agent replied to you via Troubleticket, could you check again?

Thanks, @Gilbert. I’ve responded.