Pin codes aren't visible in the app

Pin codes aren’t visible anymore in the app. They still work, somewhere the app has saved the pin code. But when you open the app to verify a pin, its blank. I use this feature often for our rentals and need to verify a pin code that I’ve created and synced with the app. The last update seems to have affected this.

Still visible for me (on iOS)… you have to open users, select a user, then pin and unhide it, but that’s the way it always has worked.

I see where you can make it visible, but still its blank. I’ll input a new pin, sync it, and go back to verify in the app and that pin code line is blank. I do run it on Android.

I have the same problem too with the latest version and .Android.
I downgraded my version and everything is correct.

no bug pin code with v2.0.10.1.

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