New Product Will Support Apple Homekit Integration

Any updates on the Beta status?

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In the words of Jerry Springer “That was a lie”. I saw the new product you announced for beta testing and this is not what you stated here. You stated HomeKit would be available for all the wifi models.


Extremely disappointment if no HomeKit support on existing wifi models, I also understood “working on Beta HomeKit” support for current models and not a totally different product.
I just purchased the Expensive Pro model; I may have to return it then.

Also, three posts limited per thread per user??? Wow

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I’m in the market for a smart lock, and yours has a lot of great features. However, I’m going to have to go with a competitor if support for HomeKit is not added.

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How does one join the beta?

@Will can we get an official comment on the lie we were told about HomeKit being supported by all previous wifi models and the fact that is not true. I don’t support companies that lie directly to the face of their customers

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Still looking for a comment about the LIES you told to your customers. You said that HomeKit would be available to the wifi models. That is not true given the latest update on this forum. Why did you LIE to the customers that support this business? I don’t support LIARS

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@medic725 I apologize, but we have not mentioned that the WiFi model can support HomeKit. Where did you hear about that? Supporting HomeKit requires a hardware upgrade, as a simple software update cannot enable it. In other words, you would need to replace the lock with a new one to have HomeKit support.

@Carrie Are you kidding? It was you yourself who told us this right here in this thread.

On June 27, Francois asked

Can you confirm whether Homekit support will be available for all Wifi models?

Five hours later, you replied:

Yes, it’s available for wifi.It possibly takes three months to release.

It absolutely seems like a lie that “Supporting HomeKit requires a hardware upgrade”. Tons of homekit devices just have Wifi radios. It’s hard to understand a technical reason why you couldn’t get the existing WiFi models to be HomeKit certified and add homekit support with a software update. Other brands do this all the time. I think it’s safe to say that many of us are very upset by this and will not be U-Tech customers ever again.

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You yourself told us in this thread. Look back a few posts to one of the previous comments you have made stating it will be available for the wifi model.

As the previous post states, this underhanded lie has ruined any good grace you will ever get from your customers.

I’ll also no longer be recommending U-Tec to anyone due to your dishonesty affecting everyone’s decisions to purchase equipment. This is not only a very poor situation to ask of your customers and may be argued as a bait and switch crime

@Jake2 @medic725 I’m sorry, I misunderstood this question as whether HomeKit locks support WiFi mode, and I mistakenly took “model” for “mode.” I apologize for any confusion caused.

This didn’t cause confusion. This caused customers to purchase a lock that was never intended to be given the support YOU claimed it would. Regardless of if you mis-spoke, that post was there for months before we called you out for that error. Plenty of time to correct your mistake so people can chose not to purchase your lock models that have no support for the HomeKit service you said it would have. Just more lies, empty promises, and false advertising.

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@medic725 Apologies, the title of this article has been updated. I will inquire if there are any discounts on the initial batch of products in the market, hoping to make some compensation. If there are, I will sync up again.